Geosynthetics Enhance Pavement Performance

Governments today are caught in a squeeze between aging roadway systems and shrinking maintenance budgets.

Typical road maintenance of overlays or surface treatments give only temporary relief since they do not treat the real problem, which is usually moisture in the roadbase and crack inducing stresses from the underlying pavement.

We offer a complete family of pavement interlayer geosynthetics, which function as moisture barriers while benefically altering the stress distribution within a pavement. Each of the following products provides these functions in a slightly different way, depending on the actual needs of the pavement.

Petromat® Paving Fabric

Petromat is the oldest and most widely used fabric interlayer system. This nonwoven fabric is field saturated with an asphalt cement tack coat to become a continuous moisture barrier and a stress absorbing interlayer, in new or rehabilitated pavements.

The Petromat system typically doubles asphalt concrete overlay life and can more than double the life of a chip seal surface treatment. Thicker overlays may also be reduced by as much as 1.5 inches in thickness, without losing performance, when the Petromat interlayer system is included.

The low cost Petromat interlayer system will greatly improve the life cycle cost of new and rehabilitated pavements. Petromat Style 4598 meets AASHTO M 288 specifications.

Petromat® Strip Membrane

Petrotac is a unique "peel and stick" waterproofing membrane for effective repair of pavement cracks, joints, or potholes and for sealing bridge decks.

The product is a composite of Petromat nonwoven fabric coated with a rubberized asphalt adhesive mastic.

The adhesive mastic easily bonds to the existing pavement surface, allowing for quick, uncomplicated product installation.

A unique asphalt coating on top of the nonwoven fabric ensures an excellent bond with the pavement overlay.

Pro-Guard® Heavy Duty Strip Membrane

Pro-Guard is a three-layer composite consisting of water-resistant asphalt sandwiched between a Petromat paving fabric on the bottom, and a high modulus woven polyester fabric on top.

A heavy duty paving repair membrane with high tensile strength and excellent resistance to delamination.

Pro-Guard effectively absorbs and dissipates pavement stresses that cause reflective cracking. ProGuard is often applied to high traffic and heavily loaded pavements such as major highway and airfield pavements.

PetroGrid® Paving Grid Composite

PetroGrid is a composite of paving fabric and glass fiber structural grid. When installed like Petromat, over an asphalt cement tack coat, PetroGrid performs the moisture barrier and stress absorption functions, plus the high modulus fiber glass grid on top interacts with the overlay to provide reinforce ment against cracking.

This reinforcement is highly effective at retarding reflective cracking, due to underlying joints, or thermal cracking.

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