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RK 88 is formulated as a solvent based industrial cleaning chemical for removing pollutants with a high aromatic content including crude oils, quench oil, sludge deposits, dried tar and carbon black.


RK 88 is formulated with selected de-aromised solvents and surface active substances to provide the most effective method of cleaning areas heavily polluted with hydrocarbon deposits without the use of high VOC chemicals.
RK 88 has the ability to dissolve and clean a wide variety of high viscosity petroleum by-products from a variety of surfaces using a wide range of application techniques.
Application is possible with a large range of equipment including spraying, brushing and immersion. RK 88 should be used undiluted although some applications may require it to be diluted by specialist chemical cleaning contractors.

PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES                  HS Code 29 15 4000

               pH                                                       -           /
               Relative density/20 degrees C               -           0.892
               Flash point, degrees C                          -           63 degrees centigrade
               Solubility in water                                 -           insoluble


It is recommended that the surfaces to be cleaned or treated should initially be tested with a small amount of the selected chemical in a non-critical area, to determine if any adverse reaction takes place.


Refer appropriate MSDS before handling and use.
  • 25 litre containers x 24 on one Euro pallet.
  • 210 litre drums x 2 on one Euro pallet.
  • 1000 litre BC container.
  • 20,000 litre ISO tank.

This chemical product, its labelling and the information contained on the Product Information Sheet and MSDS, including any directions and recommendations for its use, are based on extensive research and experience.

The information provided however does not exempt the customer from examining the chemical product and its directions for use, to determine that it is suitable for the purpose for which it is intended.

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