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OSD SOL is a solvent based, liquid dispersant chemical that has been developed in conjunction with Port Authorities and Oil Spill Response companies in Europe, to treat oil spills, on and off-shore.


  • OSD SOL is non-toxic and is designed as a dispersant to treat high viscosity oil spills, from 180 to 300 centistokes.
  • It is suitable for open water dispersion of oil spills, plus vessel hull and sea wall cleaning.
OSD SOL with its unique composition of emulsifiers and surfactants has been confirmed in independent laboratory tests to be more than 98% biodegradable.

Although solvent based OSD SOL has a low odour.
  • OSD SOL must be used undiluted. For dispersant application in open sea, specialised spraying equipment and agitation by wave movement or mechanical means is required. 
  • For cleaning applications, including vessel hulls and sea walls, apply undiluted with low-pressure equipment.
  • Clean off with high pressure, fresh or salt water. The application of heat to this final pressure rinsing will assist cleaning speed, performance and reduce chemical use.

PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES                  HS Code 29 154 000

               pH                                                       -           /
               Relative density/20 degrees C               -           0.792
               Flash point, degrees C                          -           72 degrees centigrade
               Solubility in water                                 -          completely soluble


Keep away from sources of ignition.


Refer appropriate MSDS before handling and use.
  • 25 litre containers x 24 on one Euro pallet.
  • 210 litre drums x 2 on one Euro pallet.
  • 1000 litre BC container.
  • 20,000 litre ISO tank.

This chemical product, its labelling and the information contained on the Product Information Sheet and MSDS, including any directions and recommendations for its use, are based on extensive research and experience.

The information provided however does not exempt the customer from examining the chemical product and its directions for use, to determine that it is suitable for the purpose for which it is intended.

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