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WVT Industries nv – with its production unit in Aartselaar, Belgium / Europe – is a rapidly growing company that specialises in the research, development, production and marketing of industrial cleaning chemicals.

Since the company’s establishment in 1997, WVT Industries has grown rapidly into a leading manufacturer and supplier to the industrial cleaning market. The company’s customer base includes companies from various industry sectors situated all over Europe and beyond, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, the automotive industry, aviation, metalworking, marine, waste management, and transportation businesses. In addition, WVT is also supplier to many ‘Private Label’ customers.

WVT Industries provides customers with a broad range of safe and ecologically sound industrial cleaning products. Its product range is composed of over 450 items, varying from acids to strong alkaline cleaners. Additionally the company is able to respond to customer requests by developing specific cleaning chemicals to solve particular cleaning problems.

WVT Industries attaches major importance to the environment and endeavours to ensure that its activities have the least possible impact in that respect. To achieve this aim, WVT ensures that all of its cleaning products are biologically degradable and bio-ergonomic. Additional, the company makes continuing investments in environmentally sound production methods and packaging materials.

NEW – 1st June 2007 – WVT Industries installs high speed packing line for the automated filling of chemical cleaning products into a wide range of smaller containers from 250 ml to 5 litre. The growing Private Label market sector will also be able to benefit from this new equipment investment.


WVT Industries NV
Industrieweg 6 B-2630 Aartselaar : Belgium : Europe