Bridgemaster ® is a fast curing, 3-in-1 combined waterproof wearing course system, offering 100% effective waterproofing, wearing course and skid-resistance in a single surfacing layer, many times lighter than mastic asphalt.
Ease and speed of application to concrete, steel or aluminium substrates results in minimal possession times and a faster return to service. Bridgemaster® can be used to surface a diverse range of structures subject to differing traffic conditions, allowing them to be lighter by design.

Areas of Application

Bridgemaster® is available in two standard grades to cover both vehicular and pedestrian applications:

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Bascule Bridges
Swing Bridges
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Decks & Ramps
Marine Structures
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Spectator Areas

System Components


Bridgemaster® is a fast curing, Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resin based screed combined with an aggregate overscatter and sealer.

Bridgemaster® is available in a range of aesthetic finishes and aggregate sizes.

Aesthetic Finishes

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