TENSIOCOATTQ Hybrid Silane Coating
Builds on a hybrid of silanes and micro polymeric dispersion technology.


It is micro porous and vapours permeable
with very low water take up which provides excellent waterproofing
against extreme weathering. 

With its tensioactive behaviour, enviroimental
combination does not penetrate into the paint film and
this provides an easy to clean surface.


  • As a value added substitute for traditional Acrylic, Mineral & Silicon paint.
  • For Easy Maintenance.
  • For non-combustible coating.
  • For protection against penetration of tropical biological growth.
  • For protection and water proofing of various construction materials.
  • For open pores system that allows moisture within substrate to dry and not affect the desired aesthetic equilibrium.
  • For new construction, renovation and restoration works.
  • For decoration of interior and exterior surface.

Suitable Application

For application onto concrete, brickwork, natural stone, hydraulic and synthetic plasterwork, fibrous boards, roof tiles ect.        

Appearance semi fluid
Breatheability <0.1Sd(m)
Classification 1: water vapour
-Open and micro porous
Colour Ability White, pastel and full tone colours
Content of dry substance 61%=/-1.0
Packing 20 litres per can
Specific Gravity 1.5+/-0.1 (white pastel & medium colours)
Type of raw materials Hybrid silanes - micro polymer 
Water retention <0.1W(Kg/m2-24 hours)
Classification 1: water vapour


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