REWAH INDUCPACT is a penetrative and viscous acrylic sealer for internal & external usage.


REWAH INDUPACT forms a universal impregnating or fixing layer that neutralises the porosity of building materials.

REWAH INDUPACT dry film forms a colourless layer with an excellent adhesion capacity on various building materials and an exceptional saponification resistance.


REWAH INDUPACT is used as an impregnating layer on a friable and very porous surface before painting surfaces with REWAH INDUCRYL products range or of her acrylic paints. It can also be used as a fixing layer in order to prevent interior walls or interior plastering from becoming dusty or chalky.

Characteristics And Properties
Appearance viscous
Specific gravity 1.0
Type of materials modified acrylic resins
Solvent water

Instructions For Use

Preparation: The surface to be painted must be a suitable material (substrate) and should be dry, clean, freed from dust, dirt, grease and any loose foreign matter.

Precautions: The minimum membrane-forming temperature 10C. REWAH INDIJPACT must not be applied under rain and store frost-free. Clean equipment with water or soapy water after use.


Mix REWAH INDUPACT with 4 parts of water and stir until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

The prepared mixture is applied with a brush, a roller brush or a spray gun.

When dry REWAH INDUPACT forms a transparent layer on which the required REWAH INDUCRYL finishing layers can be applied.

Safety Measures

Please comply with the current health and safety regulations. Material safety data sheets in accordance with EC 91/155 are available.


150 g/m2 after dilution.


5 litres per packed container

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