REWAH is known as a leading company in the field of renovation,
water sealing and concrete. Not only are the customers offered a
large and market-oriented product range but they can also count
on thorough technical support.


REWAH stands for quality and professionalism ever since being established in 1985.

A team of specialists uses its know-how to advise each customer individually and select a goal-oriented system.

Consultation between our advisors and own lab results in an innovative up-to-date product range.

Approximately of the volume of trade are products
made by REWAH. In addition REWAH imports a number of specialty products.

The location of our company is ideal. It is situated close
to the port of Antwerp and at the junction of international traffic on the E313.

REWAH is also taking up its position abroad. In addition to its own branches in Holland and France REWAH also holds a number of established outlets on the global market.

REWAH owes its leading position in the field of renovation, water sealing and concrete to a high quality product range and unconditional service.

The REWAH lab is the co-ordinating body of the production department.

A research team is constantly working on the development of new products and specific "customised" solutions for the customer in addition to the daily checks of materials, production processes and the quality of finished goods.

The production department is divided into four units each with their specific mixing equipment.

Therefore REWAH is able to offer a wide variety of end products ranging from thin-fluid products to viscous products and from pastes to powder mixtures.

Machinery and premises comply with legislation on operation, environmental and labour regulations as does the own water purification installation.

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