REWAHPOX MPS PRIMER is a solvent-free, liquid epoxy preparation made from a typical epoxy resin and an epoxy hardener, modified with a selection of specific additives.



REWAHPOX MPS PRIMER is applied to the substrate in
order to achieve optimum adhesion of the subsequent layers.

REWAHPOX MPS PRIMER is a primary sealing layer for concrete floors to which a self-levelling epoxy floor coating (REWAHPOX MPS/SL) can be applied.

REWAHPOX MPS PRIMER is also the adhesive connecting layer between concrete and an epoxy mortar/screed (REWAH POX MPS EPOXY TROWEL MORTAR/SCREED).

Mixinq Proportions
MPS PRIMER By Weight By Volume
A component - Typical resin 100 kq 3
B component - MPS/PSF/B 58 kg 2
Total 158 kg 5


Characteristics And Properties
Appearance liquid
Colour pale amber
Specific gravity 1.1 kg per litre
Potlife after mixing 30 minutes
Viscosity 1500 MPa.s at 20C
Setting time completely cured after 12 hours (at 20C)
Adherence to concrete exceeds the cohesion of concrete
Solid content +/- 98%

Directions For Use


The substrate, usually concrete, must be cleaned thoroughly, i.e. all incompatible paints and oil stains must be removed and any crusts of lime must be scraped from the fresh concrete.

The concrete should be dry (max. 5 % moisture) and free of dust. Component A (resin) and component B (hardener) must be mixed together in the right proportion.

The mixing is done with a slow turning drilling machine and a stirring rod. Mix until the mixture has obtained complete homogeneity.

REWAHPOX MPS PRIMER is an epoxy-based system. Please comply with the current health, removal and safety regulations. Safety information in compliance with guideline EEG 91/155 is available.


A minimum application temperature of 12C shall be respected. When the temperature is below 15C, a longer setting time has to be allowed for. Additional processing conditions:
Relative humidity max. 75%
Ground temperature min. 12C and 3C above dew-point temperature

Working Method

Apply the REWAHPOX MPS PRIMER with a dry, long-haired brush or roller.

  • As a primary layer for the REWAHPOX MPS/SL, first allow the layer to harden for approximately 12 hours at 20C. Only then can the self-levelling epoxy coat be laid.
  • As a tack coat for REWAHPOX MPS EPOXY TROWEL MORTAR/SCREED, when the epoxy mortar/screed has to be applied to the freshly applied and still tacky primary layer.

Clean all tools with ARTICLEAN or a similar Xylene based cleaner.

Safety information - Transport - Handling and storage - Waste

Take the following precautions when handling products based on epoxide resins. Once the epoxide resins are hardened they constitute no physiological danger.

In order to avoid irritation which can be provoked when the skin or the eyes are exposed to the products, just like when vapors released during the application or the hardening are inhaled, it is necessary to comply with the following precautions: Avoid immediate skin contact.

Rubber gloves offer the best protection. Skin creams offer an additional protection. They preserve those parts of the skin which do not directly come in contact with the products, e.g. arms and face.

  • Wear safety goggles to protect the eyes from
    any possible splashes.
  • Work clothes saturated with resins must be replaced the next day.
  • Carefully wash your hands with water and soap before smoking or eating.
  • Do not wash your hands with solvents. Most skin diseases diagnosed while applying epoxy resins originate from the excessive use of solvents which primarily dry out and nick the skin and subsequently lead to dermatitis.
  • Provide good aeration around the work area while preparing and applying the products.

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