REWAHPOX MPS MORTAR/SCREED is a three-component floor mortar based on a typical epoxy resin and an epoxy hardener, modified with a selection of specific additives.



REWAHPOX MPS MORTAR/SCREED is an industrial epoxy floor coating for heavy loads, which is used as a durable intermediate layer for concrete floors with high chemical resistance and mechanical strength characteristics.

It can also be used as preparation for damaged concrete floors prior to the application of the REWAH POX MPS/SL system or the REWAH AQUAPOX VL coatings

Guideline Formulation For Mixing
A component - Typical resin 100 kq 3
B component - MPS/PSF/B 58 kg 2
Silica 0.063 - 2.5mm 1422 kq 24
Total 1580 kg 29

REWAHPOX MPS as a MORTAR/SCREED is resistant to acids, alkalis, most solvents, oils, fats, greases and fuels.

It can be applied in unlimited layer thicknesses.

Colour sandy coloured
Specific gravity 2 kg/dm-3
Potlife after mixing at 20C 30 minutes
Compressive strength 100 MPas
Hardening non-shrink
Temperature resistance +90C to -30C


Curing And Hardening Times
Foot traffic after 24 hours
Ready for operation after 3 days
Chemical resistance after 7 days

Instructions For Use


Remove unsound and hollow-sounding floor parts, ensure the surface is dust-free and if necessary degrease with REWAH OMNICLEAN. REWAHPOX MPS MORTAR/SCREED can only be applied to dry substrates.

Mixing Procedure

Component A and component B need to be mixed thoroughly. Stir continuously while adding the fillers until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Mix only with the correct mixing unit and blade.

REWAHPOX MPS MORTAR/SCREED is an epoxy-based system. Please comply with the current health, removal and safety regulations. Safety information in compliance with guideline EEG 91 /155 is available.

Working Method

Initially apply the two-component epoxy primer - REWAHPOX MI'S PRIMER (200 g/m2). (see separate technical data sheet)

Pour the epoxy mortar in this unhardened layer and subsequently flatten it with a stainless flooring trowel until the desired layer thickness is obtained.

To avoid sticking and dragging of the trowel, broadcast a thin layer of silica 30/100 A on the mortar surface and work with trowel until a de-aired surface is achieved. Allow to cure for 24 hours Clean the tools with REWAH ARTICLEAN or a similar Xylene based cleaner.


A minimum application temperature of 12C shall be respected. When the temperature is below 15C, a longer curing time has to be allowed for.

Additional Processing Conditions:
relative humidity max. 75
substrate temperature min. 12C and 3C above dew-point temperature

Safety information - Transport - Handling and
storage - Waste

Take the following precautions when handling products based on epoxide resins. Once the epoxide resins are hardened they constitute no physiological danger.

In order to avoid irritation which can be provoked when the skin or the eyes are exposed to the products, just like when vapours released during the application or the hardening are inhaled, it is necessary to comply with the following precautions:

  • Avoid immediate skin contact.
  • Rubber gloves offer the best protection.
    Skin creams offer an additional protection. They preserve those parts of the skin which do not directly come in contact with the products, e.g. arms and face.
  • Wear safety goggles to protect the eyes from any possible splashes.
  • Work clothes saturated with resins must be replaced the next day.
  • Carefully wash your hands with water and soap before smoking or eating.
  • Do not wash your hands with solvents. Most skin diseases diagnosed while applying epoxy resins originate from the excessive use of solvents which primarily dry out and nick the skin and subsequently lead to dermatitis.
  • Provide good aeration around the work area while preparing and applying the products.


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