REWAH ARTIPOX SL is a three-component self-levelling
epoxy floor coating for concrete and sand cement floors.



REWAH Artipox SL is an excellent horizontal-laid self-levelling epoxy mortar meant for internal flooring which provides good abrasion and resistance against oil, fuels solvents & chemicals.

It is widely use in laboratory, medical theatre, food processing floor, clean room, hanger, mechanical production and others.

Characteristic & Properties

REWAH ARTIPOX SL has a shrink-proof hardening process and could utilise for layer with thickness of 2.0 to 5.0 mm.

After curing for 7 days, the floor is fully hardened and will withstand diluted acids and other chemicals.

Physical Characteristic
Standard colours grey, green and red
Specific gravity +/- 1.5 kg/dm3
Pot life after mixing 20C about 30 minutes
Compressive strength 350 kg/cm2 dependent on the ground
Drying time 6 hours
Maximum plant temperature 60C
To be walked on after 24 hours
Operational after +/- 3 days
Chemical resistance after +/- 7 days

Mix Proportion
Component A 12.5 kg
Component B

2.5 kg

Component C 20 kg

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