REWAH AQUAPOX W is a two-component water-based epoxy coating for indoor use.


It does not contain harmful or inflammable solvents and has perfect adhesion on dry or slightly damp substrates.

It is resistant to most chemical products, diluted acids, alkaline, mineral salts, oils and aliphatic solvents.


REWAH AQUAPOX W is a high tensile strength epoxy coating specifically designed to meet modern demands for an environmental friendly product.

It is widely used as a synthetic coating for protection of walls made of concrete or masonry in houses, cellars,
parking areas, storage tanks, etc...

Characteristic & Properties  
Appearance      slightly thixotropic after mixing
Colour Standard range and RAL Colour is available upon request
Specific gravity 1.3 0.1 depending on colours
Non-volatile content 60%
Type of raw materials epoxy in emulsion
Permeability 100% Watertight (test on 1mm film for 7days @ 0.6 g/m2 pressure)
Adhesion/ Bonding Strength Class 0 (ASTM ID 3389-D 3002); Cross cut tester n 1547 3.5 N/mm2 after 14 days curing
Abrasion test (after 14 days curing) Weight loss: 156mg/ 1000 cycles Tabor abrasion tester wheel C 17 (ASTM D 5178-91)
Resistance to blistering

No Blistering (ASTM D 23266-68); 38C 1 RV 95 -100 %

Mechanical properties Compressive strength: comply with ASTM C - 579 Tensile Strength : comply with ASTM C - 307
Flexural strength: comply with ASTM C-580
Compressive Strength 
Tensile Strength 
Flexural Strength 
Day 1 Day 7 Day 28
20.0 N/mm2 30.0N/mm2 40.0 N/mm2    
2.7 N/mm2 7.3 N/mm2 8.8 N/mm2
3.4 N/mm2 7.7 N/mm2 8.8 N/mm2
Dry film thickness 200 to 240 microns @ 0.3kg/ m2

Maximum 3 litres of water for first pruning, application only

Dry time 2 hours surface dry and full cure in 7 days Minimal 6 hours over-coating interval
Hardness test   

80 Shore D otter 14 days curing

No of layers 2 to 3 coats

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