We’ve made our latest product catalogue available for you to download at your convenience. If you would like to receive the catalogue via post, please contact us.

Quotations for purchase and installation of any products from our catalogue can be requested at any time by using our quotation request form.

All purchases and orders are subject to our conditions of sale.

List of Equipments

Balance Beams

Balance Benches


Safety Belts

Climbing Ropes, Tracks &

Floor Plates

Floor Sockets

Cover Plates

Outdoor Sockets & Plates

Horizontal Bars - Single &
Combination, Men’s & Women’s Rails

Mats - Landing, Carpeted & Vinyl Covered

Mats - Supersoft, Hard/Soft, Soft Landing

Mats - General Purpose, Stretching, Pool, Martial Arts, Wrestling

Mat Trolleys

Padding Blocks

Floor Areas & Floor Strips

Spring Floors

Rhythmic Gymnastic Floors

Aerobic Floors

Parallel Bars

Uneven Bars

Rings and Trapeze Bars

Mini, Power Mini & Double Mini

Tumbling Trampolines


Pommel Equipment & Mushrooms

Vaulting Table and Horses, Vaulting Equipment & Run Up Strips

Vaulting Boxes - Foam & Timber

Wall Bars & Attachments

General Gymnasium Equipment

Dividing Curtains - Vertical Lift

Dividing Curtain - Side Drawn

Dividing Nets – Removable

Protection Nets & Roof Nets

Chalk and Chalk Stands, Resin Gum

Palm Guards & Wrist Straps

Padding Boxes

Medicine Balls

Wobble Boards


Scoreboards & Shot Clocks – Electronic

Score Benches

Jump and Reach Boards

Horizontal Ladders

Ballet Rails

Boxing Ring & Equipment

Basketball Backboards

Basketball Backboards - Outdoor Use

Volleyball Equipment

Multi-Sport Games Posts & Beach Volleyball

Netball Equipment

Badminton Equipment

Tennis Equipment

Indoor Goals - Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse

Soccer & Hockey Barriers

Court Lining

Storage Brackets & Trolleys

Gym time Equipment


Gym Fun Balls & Hoops

Physio & Pool Balls, High Hoppers

Rhythmic Gymnastics Gym Balls, Ribbons, Clubs & Ropes

Gymnastic Shoe

Foam Shapes

Landing Pits & Equipment

Safety Padding



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