• Granolmpact® is a pure acrylic, high performance elastomeric coating able to be applied in a variety of styles by roller or spray.
  • Approved to APAS 0118/2 & APAS 0117/3, AS4548.3

  • Suitable for interior or exterior use.
  • Granolmpact® systems have good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and have excellent resistance to mould and fungi.
  • As an acrylic membrane, the vapour permeability of Granolmpact® is carefully controlled to form a barrier to external moisture, while allowing vapour in the substrate to escape. It is, however, not suitable for situations where hydrostatic pressure exists.
  • Granolmpact® also forms the final topcoat of many other Granosite systems, extending the performance and overall protection of the system applied.
  • Granolmpact® is water-based for applicator safety and ease of use.

  • Bases maybe tinted as required. Refer to the Wattyl colour range including the authentic heritage range. May also be tinted to other competitor colour ranges through the Wattyl tinting system.
  • It is recommended that, for exterior application, the light-fastness of the chosen colour be confirmed before ordering.
  • Low Sheen

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