A World Leader in High Performance in
Roofing & Waterproofing


Working to improve the quality of life, Siplast technology contributes to the best possible use of land within construction limits,
by contributing to paved areas, pedestrian access terraces, garden and parking terraces.

for Building

  Siplast meets both the functional specifications and the visual attractiveness requirements of architects and contractors. Our waterproofing systems are ideal for: 
  • Pedestrian-accessible terraces. 
  • Roof gardens and terrace gardens. 
  • Parking terraces for light and heavy vehicles.
  • Flat or pitched roofs over any substrate or support,with self-protected waterproofing.
  • basements, foundations, damp proofing and tanking.
Siplast has developed comprehensive solutions to protect all kinds of underground walls: 
  • Tanking. 
  • Protection and drainage of underg  round walls. 
  • Capillarity breaks, damp-proofing course.


Civil Engineering

  Siplast processes protect bridges and roads against all forms of weather-related and mechanical aggression. Siplast protection extends to:
  • road and rail bridge decks, road base layers
  • road cracking treatment 
  • underground works: tunnels and buried structures
  • hydraulic engineering: dams, reservoirs and canals
  • environmental protection: landfills, liquid storage tanks and reservoirs


Pitched Roof

  Siplast has 30 years' experience in:
  • Fiberglass reinforced bituminous shingle, designed for extreme weather conditions. 
  • Mineral granules and copper surfacing provide not only a variety of colours and shapes, but adaptability to diverse architectural requirements. 
  • Siplast slaters and tilers underlays are highly effective in protecting buildings against the harshest weather conditions.


Floor Treatment

  • sound deadening
  • waterproofing
  • tile supports


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